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Racemos Hp 65W Laptop Adapter

₹8,99  ₹ 1,699    (inclusive all taxes) Buy Now

Free Cash on Delivery available to all over India

Brand: Racemos

Adapter output: 65W

Current: 3.5 A

Voltage: 18.5 V

This Racemos replacement adapter is designed to provide reliable power and charge to your laptop. Made from highest quality parts each replacement adapter conforms to specifications similar to original in its quality. Each adapter also passes necessary authentication certifications like CE, ROHS etc. Before leaving the factory, so you can be rest assured for its quality, durability and performance. Please note that all images are indicative, actual product label may vary. Before place order the adapter please assure that you have select right adapter for your laptop. Please check the adapter's voltage and current compliance with the requirement of laptop. Adapter output current laptop rated current, adapter output voltage and notebook voltage deviation, please also check adapter pin.

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Compaq Presario V3200 Series:

V3200, V3205au, V3206au, V3207au, V3208au, V3209tu, V3210tu, V3211au, V3212au, V3213au, V3214au, V3214tu, V3215au, V3215tu, V3216au, V3216tu, V3217au, V3217tu, V3218au, V3218la, V3219au, V3220au, V3221au, V3222au, V3224au, V3226au, V3226tu, V3227au, V3227tu, V3228tu, V3229au, V3229tu, V3230tu, V3231tu, V3232au, V3232tu, V3233au, V3233tu, V3234au, V3234tu, V3235au, V3235tu, V3236au, V3236tu, V3237au, V3237tu, V3238au, V3238tu, V3240tu, V3241au, V3241tu, V3242tu, V3245tu, V3246tu, V3247au, V3248tu, V3249tu, V3251tu, V3252au, V3253au, V3254au, V3255au, V3260tu

Compaq Presario V3300 Series:

V3300, V3301tu, V3302tu, V3303tu, V3304tu, V3305tu, V3306tu, V3307tu, V3308au, V3308tu, V3309au, V3309tu, V3310au, V3310tu, V3311au, V3311tu, V3312au, V3312tu, V3314tu, V3315tu, V3316tu, V3317tu, V3318tu, V3319tu, V3320tu, V3321tu, V3324tu, V3325tu, V3326tu, V3327tu, V3328tu, V3329tu, V3350tu, V3351tu, V3352tu

Compaq Presario V3400 Series:

V3400, V3400, V3404tx, V3405tx, V3409tu, V3410tu, V3411tu, V3414tu, V3415tu, V3415tx, V3416tu, V3416tx, V3417tu, V3418tu, V3419tu, V3420tu, V3421au, V3421tu, V3422au, V3422tu, V3422tx, V3423au, V3423tu, V3423tx, V3424au, V3424tu, V3425au, V3425tu, V3426au, V3426tu, V3427au, V3427tu, V3428au, V3428tu, V3429au, V3430au, V3430tu, V3431au, V3431tu, V3432au, V3432tu, V3433au, V3433tu, V3434au, V3434tu, V3435au, V3435tu, V3436au, V3436tu, V3437au, V3437tu, V3438au, V3438tu, V3439au, V3439tu, V3440au, V3440tu, V3441au, V3441tu, V3442au, V3442tu, V3443au, V3443tu, V3444au

Compaq Presario V3500 Series:

V3500, V3501tu, V3502tu, V3503tu, V3504tu, V3505tu, V3506tu, V3507tu, V3508tu, V3509tu, V3510tu, V3511tu, V3512tu, V3514tu, V3515tu, V3516tu, V3517tu, V3518tu, V3519tu, V3520tu, V3521tu, V3522tu, V3523tu, V3524tu, V3525tu, V3526tu, V3527tu, V3528tu, V3529tu, V3530tu, V3532tu, V3533tu, V3534tu, V3535tu

Compaq Presario V4000 Series:

V4000, V4000t, V4000z, V4001, V4002, V4003, V4004, V4005, V4005CL, V4015, V4015US, V4020, V4020US, V4025, V4025US, V4035, V4035CA, V4035ea, V4035US, V4055ea, V4058ea, V4133ea, V4135us, V4144ea, V4147ea, V4203tu, V4204tu, V4206tu, V4207tu, V4209tu, V4214tu, V4215ea, V4221tu, V4240us, V4260ea, V4278ea

Compaq Presario V5000 Series:

V5000, V5000Z, V5004ea, V5005, V5005CA, V5005US, V5010, V5015, V5015CA, V5015US, V5025ea, V5030ea, V5032ea, V5079ea, V5100, V5100CTO, V5100z, V5100zCTO, V5101, V5101US, V5102, V5102NR, V5105, V5105CA, V5105US, V5108cu, V5115, V5115CA, V5115US, V5119, V5119US, V5120, V5120NR, V5160, V5160US, V5189, V5200, V5200CTO, V5201, V5201CA, V5201US, V5204, V5204NR, V5204US, V5205, V5205NR, V5206, V5206OM, V5207, V5207NR, V5208, V5208CA, V5209, V5209US, V5210, V5210CA, V5210US, V5214EA, V5215EA, V5215la, V5216EA, V5218la, V5220ea, V5221ea, V5222ea, V5233EA, V5234EA, V5235EA, V5236EA, V5243tu, V5248tu, V5249tu, V5250tu, V5251tu, V5253tu, V5254tu, V5255tu, V5256tu, V5257tu, V5258tu, V5259tu, V5260tu, V5261tu, V5300CTO, V5303nr, V5304us, V5305, V5305WM, V5306, V5306US, V5307, V5307US, V5308, V5308CA, V5308us, V5310us, V5315wm

Compaq Presario V6000 Series:

V6000, V6000T, V6000Z, V6001XX, V6004au, V6012ea, V6014ea, V6016ea, V6024ea, V6025ea, V6030US, V6048CL, V6057ea, V6065ea, V6066ea Compaq Presario V6100 Series: V6101, V6101au, V6101tu, V6101US, V6102au, V6102ea, V6102tu, V6103au, V6103ea, V6103tu, V6104au, V6104tu, V6105, V6105au, V6105ea, V6105NR, V6105tu, V6106au, V6106tu, V6107, V6107US, V6108au, V6108ea, V6108tu, V6109au, V6109ea, V6109tu, V6110, V6110au, V6110CA, V6110ea, V6110tu, V6110US, V6111au, V6111tu, V6112au, V6112eu, V6112tu, V6113ea, V6113tu, V6114ea, V6114tu, V6115ea, V6115tu, V6116tu, V6117eu, V6117tu, V6118tu, V6119tu, V6120, V6120CA, V6120tu, V6120US, V6121tu, V6122tu, V6123tu, V6124tu, V6125tu, V6126eu, V6127ea, V6127tu, V6128ea, V6128eu, V6128tu, V6129ea, V6129tu, V6130, V6130tu, V6130US, V6131eu, V6131tu, V6132tu, V6133, V6133CA, V6133CL, V6133eu, V6133tu, V6134tu, V6135tu, V6136tu, V6137, V6137eu, V6137tu, V6137US, V6138tu, V6139eu, V6139tu, V6140tu, V6141tu, V6142tu, V6143, V6143CL, V6143tu, V6144ea, V6144tu, V6145ea, V6145tu, V6146tu, V6147ea, V6147tu, V6148ea, V6148tu, V6149ea, V6149tu, V6150ea, V6150tu, V6151ea, V6151tu, V6152ea, V6152tu, V6153tu, V6154tu, V6155ea, V6155tu, V6156tu, V6157tu, V6171, V6171CL, V6180ea, V6181ea, V6182ea, V6198xx

Compaq Presario V6200 Series:

V6200, V6201au, V6201tu, V6202au, V6202ea, V6202tu, V6203au, V6203tu, V6204au, V6204ea, V6204tu, V6205au, V6205tu, V6206au, V6206tu, V6207au, V6207tu, V6208au, V6208tu, V6209au, V6209tu, V6210au, V6210br, V6210tu, V6211tu, V6212au, V6212ea, V6213au, V6213ea, V6213tu, V6214au, V6214tu, V6215au, V6215tu, V6216ea, V6216tu, V6217ea, V6217tu, V6218ea, V6218tu, V6219tu, V6220br, V6220tu, V6221eu, V6221tu, V6222ea, V6223ea, V6223eu, V6223tu, V6224ea, V6225br, V6230br, V6233eu, V6239eu, V6241ea, V6254ea, V6261eu, V6263ea, V6264ea, V6268ea, V6272eu, V6299xx

Compaq Presario V6300 Series:

V6300, V6301au, V6301tu, V6302au, V6302eu, V6302tu, V6303au, V6303tu, V6304au, V6304tu, V6305au, V6305tu, V6306tu, V6308tu, V6309tu, V6310tu, V6311tu, V6312tu, V6313tu, V6314ea, V6314tu, V6315ea, V6315tu, V6316ea, V6318tu, V6319tu, V6320ea, V6320tu, V6321tu, V6322tu, V6325ea, V6328ea, V6329ea, V6330ea, V6332ea, V6335ea, V6336ea, V6337ea, V6337eu, V6338eu, V6339eu, V6340eu, V6341ea, V6342ea, V6343ea, V6345ea, V6346ea, V6355eu

Compaq Presario V6400 Series:

V6401tu, V6402tu, V6403tu, V6404tu, V6405au, V6405tu, V6406tu, V6407tu, V6408tu, V6410et, V6411tu, V6412tu, V6415es, V6421tu, V6423tu, V6425tu, V6426tu, V6427tu, V6428tu, V6429es, V6430ee, V6430ef, V6430en, V6430es, V6435es, V6450ee, V6450en

Compaq Presario V6500 Series:

V6500, V6501tu, V6502tu, V6503tu, V6504tu, V6505tu, V6506tu, V6507tu, V6508tu, V6509tu, V6510tu, V6511tu, V6512tu, V6513tu, V6514tu, V6515tu, V6516tu, V6530ed, V6554es, V6560ea, V6570es, V6580ed, V6590es, V6594es, V6595es, V6599xx

HP Pavilion DV1000 Series:

DV1000, DV1000CTO, DV1001, DV1001AP, DV1001XX, DV1002, DV1002AP, Dv1002eap, DV1002XX, DV1003, Dv1003ap, Dv1003eap, DV1004, DV1004AP, Dv1004eap, DV1005, Dv1005ap, Dv1005ea, Dv1005eap, DV1006, DV1006AP, Dv1006ea, Dv1006eap, DV1007, Dv1007ap, Dv1007ea, Dv1007eap, DV1008, Dv1008ap, Dv1008eap, DV1009, DV1009AP, Dv1009eap, DV1009XX, DV1010, DV1010AP, DV1010CA, Dv1010eap, DV1010US, DV1011, Dv1011ap, Dv1011ea, DV1012, Dv1012ap, DV1012LA, DV1013, Dv1013ap, DV1014, DV1014AP, DV1014LA, DV1015, DV1015AP, DV1015LA, DV1016, Dv1016ap, DV1017, Dv1017ap, DV1018, Dv1018ap, DV1019, Dv1019ap, Dv1019ea, DV1020, Dv1020ap, DV1021, DV1021AP, DV1022, DV1022AP, DV1023, Dv1023ap, DV1024, DV1024AP, DV1024LA, DV1025, DV1025AP, DV1025LA, DV1026, Dv1026ap, DV1027, Dv1027ap, DV1028, Dv1028ap, DV1029, DV1029AP, DV1030, DV1030AP, Dv1030ea, DV1031, DV1031AP, DV1032, Dv1032ap, DV1033, Dv1033ap, DV1034, DV1034AP, Dv1035ap, Dv1036ap, Dv1037ap, DV1040, DV1040CA, DV1040US, DV1042, Dv1042qv, DV1044, Dv1044la, DV1045, Dv1045cl, Dv1045ea, DV1045LA, DV1049, DV1049CL, Dv1049ea, DV1050, Dv1050ea, DV1050US, Dv1055ea, Dv1057ea, DV1060, DV1060US, DV1061, Dv1061ea, DV1063, Dv1063ea, DV1064, Dv1064ea, DV1065, Dv1065ea, DV1065US, DV1066, Dv1066ea, DV1067, Dv1067ea, Dv1068ea, DV1071, Dv1071ea, DV1074, Dv1074ea, DV1075, Dv1075ea

HP Pavilion DV1100 Series:

DV1100, Dv1100(Cto), dv1101AP, dv1102AP, dv1103AP, dv1104AP, dv1105AP, dv1105EA, dv1106AP, dv1107AP, dv1107EA, dv1108AP, dv1108EA, dv1109AP, dv1109EA, dv1110AP, dv1110EA, dv1111AP, dv1111EA, dv1112AP, dv1112EA, dv1113AP, dv1114AP, dv1115AP, dv1115LA, dv1116AP, dv1117AP, dv1117LA, dv1118AP, dv1119AP, dv1120AP, Dv1120us, dv1121AP, dv1122AP, dv1123AP, dv1124AP, dv1125AP, dv1125EA, dv1125LA, dv1126AP, dv1127AP, dv1128AP, dv1129AP, dv1130AP, dv1130CA, dv1130EA, dv1130US, dv1131AP, dv1131EA, dv1131wm, dv1132AP, dv1133AP, dv1133WM, dv1134AP, dv1135AP, dv1135EA, dv1135LA, dv1136AP, dv1136EA, dv1137AP, dv1137EA, dv1138AP, dv1138EA, dv1139AP, dv1139EA, dv1140EA, dv1142EA, Dv1143ea, dv1145EA, dv1150US, dv1152EA, dv1153EA, dv1154EA, dv1155EA, dv1156CL, dv1159EA, dv1160EA, dv1165EA, dv1167EA, dv1168EA, dv1170CA, dv1170EA, dv1170US, dv1175US, dv1180EA, dv1180US, dv1190EA

HP Pavilion DV1200 Series:

Dv1200, Dv1206cl, Dv1207us, Dv1210us, Dv1215wm, Dv1217us, Dv1220ea, Dv1220us, Dv1224ea, Dv1225ca, Dv1225ea, Dv1227us, Dv1230ea, Dv1240ca, Dv1240us, Dv1245cl, Dv1245ea, Dv1249ea, Dv1250ea, Dv1251ea, Dv1252ea, Dv1253ea, Dv1254ea, Dv1255ea, Dv1258ea, Dv1259ea, Dv1260ea, Dv1262ea, Dv1263ea, Dv1265ea, Dv1266ea, Dv1267ea, Dv1270ea, Dv1272ea, Dv1275ea, Dv1280ea, Dv1281ea

HP Pavilion DV1300 Series:

DV1300, Dv1301ap, Dv1301xx, Dv1302ap, Dv1302xx, Dv1303ap, Dv1304ap, Dv1305ap, Dv1306ap, Dv1307ap, Dv1308ap, Dv1309ap, DV1310, Dv1310ap, DV1310US, DV1311, Dv1311ap, DV1311SE, Dv1312ap, Dv1313ap, Dv1314ap, DV1315, Dv1315ap, DV1315CL, Dv1315la, Dv1316ap, Dv1317ap, Dv1317la, Dv1318ap, Dv1319ap, DV1320, Dv1320ap, DV1320US, Dv1321ap, DV1321us, Dv1322ap, Dv1323ap, Dv1324ap, Dv1325ap, Dv1325ea, Dv1325la, Dv1326ap, Dv1326ea, Dv1327ap, Dv1328ap, Dv1329ap, DV1330, Dv1330ap, Dv1330br, DV1330CA, DV1330US, Dv1331ap, Dv1331ea, Dv1331se, Dv1332ap, Dv1332ea, Dv1333ap, Dv1333ea, Dv1334ap, Dv1335ap, Dv1335la, Dv1336ap, Dv1337ap, Dv1338ap, DV1340, Dv1340ap, Dv1340br, DV1340US, Dv1341ap, Dv1342ap, Dv1343ap, Dv1344ap, Dv1345ap, Dv1345ea, Dv1346ap, Dv1347ap, Dv1348ap, Dv1349ap, Dv1350ap, Dv1351ap, Dv1351ea, Dv1352ap, Dv1352ea, Dv1353ap, Dv1353ea, Dv1354ea, Dv1355ea, Dv1356ap, Dv1356ea, Dv1358ea, Dv1359ea, Dv1361ea, Dv1363ap, Dv1363ea, Dv1365ea, Dv1366ea, Dv1399xx

HP Pavilion DV1400 Series:

DV1400, DV1410, DV1410US, DV1411, DV1411SE, Dv1418ea, DV1420, DV1420US, DV1427us, DV1430, DV1430US, DV1432, DV1432US, DV1435, DV1439, DV1439US, DV1440, DV1440US, Dv1448ea

HP Pavilion DV1500 Series:

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HP Pavilion DV1600 Series:

DV1600, DV1610, DV1610US, Dv1620us, Dv1622nr, Dv1624nr, Dv1625laPc, Dv1629us, Dv1635ca, Dv1635la, Dv1635laPc, Dv1648us, DV1650, Dv1650ca, DV1650US, Dv1656us, Dv1657cl, Dv1658us, Dv1659us, Dv1660ca, Dv1660se, DV1670, DV1670US, Dv1680ca, Dv1680us, Dv1688us, Dv1699x

HP Pavilion DV1700 Series:

Dv1700, Dv1712us, Dv1720la, Dv1721la, Dv1730la, Dv1738od, Dv1760br

HP Pavilion DV2000 Series:

DV2000, Dv2000t, Dv2000z, Dv2001tu, Dv2001tx, Dv2001xx, Dv2002tu, Dv2002tx, Dv2002xx, Dv2003ea, Dv2003tu, Dv2003tx, Dv2004ea, Dv2004tu, Dv2004tx, Dv2004xx, Dv2005ea, Dv2005tu, Dv2005tx, Dv2005xx, Dv2006ea, Dv2006tu, Dv2006tx, Dv2006xx, Dv2007ea, Dv2007tu, Dv2007tx, Dv2008ea, Dv2008tu, Dv2008tx, Dv2009ea, Dv2009tu, Dv2009tx, Dv2010ea, Dv2010tu, Dv2010tx, Dv2011ea, Dv2011tu, Dv2011tx, Dv2012ea, Dv2012tu, Dv2012tx, Dv2013ea, Dv2013tu, Dv2013tx, Dv2014ea, Dv2014tu, Dv2014tx, Dv2015ea, Dv2015nr, Dv2015tu, Dv2015tx, Dv2016ea, Dv2016tu, Dv2016tx, Dv2017ea, Dv2017tu, Dv2017tx, Dv2018ea, Dv2018tu, Dv2018tx, Dv2019ea, Dv2019tu, Dv2019tx, Dv2020ca, Dv2020ea, Dv2020tu, Dv2020tx, Dv2020us, Dv2021tu, Dv2021tx, Dv2022tu, Dv2022tx, Dv2023tu, Dv2023tx, Dv2024tu, Dv2024tx, Dv2025la, Dv2025nr, Dv2025tu, Dv2025tx, Dv2026tu, Dv2026tx, Dv2027tu, Dv2027tx, Dv2028ea, Dv2028tu, Dv2028tx, Dv2029ea, Dv2029tu, Dv2029tx, Dv2030ea, Dv2030tu, Dv2030tx, Dv2031ea, Dv2031tu, Dv2031tx, Dv2032ea, Dv2032tu, Dv2032tx, Dv2033tu, Dv2033tx, Dv2034ea, Dv2034tu, Dv2034tx, Dv2035ea, Dv2035la, Dv2035tu, Dv2035tx, Dv2035us, Dv2036ea, Dv2036tu, Dv2036tx, Dv2037tu, Dv2037tx, Dv2037us, Dv2038tu, Dv2038tx, Dv2039tu, Dv2040ca, Dv2040tu, Dv2040us, Dv2041tu, Dv2041tx, Dv2042tu, Dv2042tx, Dv2043tu, Dv2043tx, Dv2044tu, Dv2044tx, Dv2045ea, Dv2045tu, Dv2046tu, Dv2046tx, Dv2047cl, Dv2047tu, Dv2047tx, Dv2048tu, Dv2048tx, Dv2049tu, Dv2049tx, Dv2050tx, Dv2050us, Dv2053ea, Dv2054ea, Dv2055ea, Dv2056ea, Dv2057ea, Dv2058ea, Dv2064ea, Dv2065ea, Dv2080ea, Dv2081ea, Dv2082ea, Dv2083ea, Dv2084ea, Dv2085ea, Dv2088xx, Dv2095ea, Dv2097ea, Dv2098ea, Dv2099ea

HP Pavilion DV2100 Series:

DV2100, Dv2101au, Dv2101eu, Dv2101tu, Dv2101tx, Dv2101xx, Dv2102au, Dv2102eu, Dv2102tu, Dv2102tx, Dv2103au, Dv2103ea, Dv2103tu, Dv2103tx, Dv2104au, Dv2104ea, Dv2104eu, Dv2104tu, Dv2104tx, Dv2105ea, Dv2105tu, Dv2105tx, Dv2106ea, Dv2106tu, Dv2106tx, Dv2107tu, Dv2107tx, Dv2108ea, Dv2108tu, Dv2108tx, Dv2109tu, Dv2109tx, Dv2110eu, Dv2110tu, Dv2110tx, Dv2111tu, Dv2111tx, Dv2112tu, Dv2112tx, Dv2113tx, Dv2114tu, Dv2114tx, Dv2115ea, Dv2115tu, Dv2115tx, Dv2116ea, Dv2116tx, Dv2117tx, Dv2118la, Dv2118tx, Dv2120la, Dv2120tu, Dv2120tx, Dv2121tu, Dv2121tx, Dv2122tx, Dv2123eu, Dv2123tu, Dv2123tx, Dv2124tx, Dv2125ea, Dv2125tu, Dv2125tx, Dv2126ea, Dv2126tu, Dv2126tx, Dv2127tx, Dv2128tx, Dv2129ea, Dv2129tx, Dv2130ea, Dv2130la, Dv2130tx, Dv2131ea, Dv2131tx, Dv2132ea, Dv2132tx, Dv2133ea, Dv2133tx, Dv2134ea, Dv2134tx, Dv2135tx, Dv2136tx, Dv2137tx, Dv2138tx, Dv2139tx, Dv2140eu, Dv2140la, Dv2140tx, Dv2141eu, Dv2141tx, Dv2142tx, Dv2143tx, Dv2144tx, Dv2145tx, Dv2146tx, Dv2147ea, Dv2147tx, Dv2148tx, Dv2149ea, Dv2149tx, Dv2150ea, Dv2150tx, Dv2151ea, Dv2151tx, Dv2152ea, Dv2152tx, Dv2153tx, Dv2154tx, Dv2155tx, Dv2157tx, Dv2158tx, Dv2159tx, Dv2160la, Dv2160tx, Dv2161tx, Dv2164eu, Dv2171ea, Dv2172ea, Dv2173ea, Dv2174ea, Dv2175ea, Dv2180eu, Dv2184ea, Dv2185ea, Dv2188ea, Dv2190ea, Dv2195eu, Dv2196ea, Dv2197ea

HP Pavilion DV2200 Series:

Dv2200, Dv2200ea, Dv2201au, Dv2201tu, Dv2201tx, Dv2201xx, Dv2202au, Dv2202tu, Dv2202tx, Dv2203au, Dv2203tu, Dv2203tx, Dv2204au, Dv2204tu, Dv2204tx, Dv2205ea, Dv2205tu, Dv2205tx, Dv2206tu, Dv2206tx, Dv2207ea, Dv2207tu, Dv2207tx, Dv2208ea, Dv2208tu, Dv2208tx, Dv2209ea, Dv2209tu, Dv2209tx, Dv2210ea, Dv2210tu, Dv2210tx, Dv2211tu, Dv2211tx, Dv2212tu, Dv2212tx, Dv2213tu, Dv2213tx, Dv2214tu, Dv2214tx, Dv2215ea, Dv2215tu, Dv2215tx, Dv2216ea, Dv2216tx, Dv2217ea, Dv2217tx, Dv2218tu, Dv2218tx, Dv2219tx, Dv2220la, Dv2220tx, Dv2221tx, Dv2222ea, Dv2222la, Dv2222tx, Dv2223tx, Dv2224ea, Dv2224tx, Dv2225ea, Dv2225la, Dv2225tx, Dv2226ea, Dv2226tx, Dv2227tx, Dv2235la, Dv2241ea, Dv2244ea, Dv2245ea, Dv2246ea, Dv2265ea, Dv2267ea, Dv2268ea, Dv2275ea, Dv2276ea, Dv2278ea, Dv2281ea, Dv2282ea, Dv2290ea, Dv2297ea, Dv2298ea

HP Pavilion DV2300 Series:

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HP Pavilion DV4000 Series:

DV4000, DV4000CTO, Dv4000la, Dv4000xx, Dv4001ap, Dv4001ea, Dv4001xx, Dv4002ap, Dv4003ap, Dv4004ap, Dv4004xx, DV4005, Dv4005ap, DV4005US, Dv4005xx, Dv4006ap, Dv4006xx, Dv4007ap, Dv4007xx, Dv4008ap, Dv4009ap, DV4010, Dv4010ap, Dv4011ap, Dv4012ap, Dv4013ap, Dv4014ap, Dv4014ea, DV4015, Dv4015ap, DV4015CL, Dv4015ea, Dv4016ap, Dv4016ea, Dv4017ap, Dv4017ea, DV4018, Dv4018ap, DV4018CL, Dv4018ea, Dv4019ap, Dv4019ea, DV4020, Dv4020ap, Dv4020ea, DV4020us, Dv4021ap, Dv4021ea, Dv4022ap, Dv4022ea, Dv4023ap, Dv4023ea, Dv4024ap, Dv4024ea, Dv4025ap, Dv4025ea, Dv4026ap, Dv4027ea, Dv4029ea, DV4030, DV4030CA, Dv4030ea, DV4030US, Dv4031ea, DV4040, DV4040CA, Dv4040ea, DV4040US, Dv4043ea, Dv4045ea, Dv4046ea, Dv4049ea, Dv4050ea, Dv4051ea, Dv4052ea, Dv4054ea, Dv4056ea, Dv4057ea, Dv4060ea, Dv4070ea, Dv4073ea, Dv4075ea, Dv4078ea, Dv4080ea, Dv4085ea, Dv4086ea

HP Pavilion DV4100 Series:

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HP Pavilion DV4200 Series:

DV4200, Dv4203ea, Dv4205tu, Dv4205tx, Dv4206tx, Dv4208tx, Dv4209tx, DV4210, Dv4210tx, Dv4211tx, Dv4212tx, Dv4213ap, Dv4213ea, Dv4215ap, DV4217, DV4217CL, DV4220, Dv4220tx, DV4223, DV4223CL, Dv4224tx, Dv4225ea, Dv4225nr, Dv4225tx, DV4230, DV4230us, Dv4234ea, Dv4246ea, DV4250, DV4250CA, DV4250US, DV4253, DV4253US, DV4257, DV4257US, DV4269, DV4269US, DV4270, DV4270CA, DV4270US, DV4272, DV4272US, Dv4273ea, Dv4275nr, Dv4288ea, Dv4290ea, Dv4295ea HP Pavilion DV4300 Series: DV4300, DV4305, DV4305US, DV4307, DV4307CA, DV4307CL, DV4308, DV4308WM, DV4310, DV4310US, DV4320, DV4320US, DV4330, DV4330CA, DV4330US, DV4340, DV4340CA, DV4340US

HP Pavilion DV4400 Series:

DV4400, DV4401, Dv4401rs, Dv4405, Dv4410us, Dv4419us, DV4420, Dv4420ca, Dv4420us

Compatible Part numbers:

101880-001 120765-001 146594-001 159224-001 159224-002 163444-001 163444-291 179725-002 179725-003 209124-001 209126-001 239427-001 239427-002 239427-003 239427-004 239428-001 239704-001 239704-291 239705-001 265602-001 285288-001 285546-001 338136-001 367760-001 371790-001 371790-BB 380467-001 380467-003 380467-005 381090-001 383494-001 386315-002 387661-001 391172-001 393954-001 394224-001 402018-001 403810-001 409843-001 417220-001 432309-001 9155068 A265 AC-C14 ACCOM-C14 ACHEW-C14 ACL1056 B65602-001 DC359A DC359A#ABA DL606A DL606A#ABA LPAC03 OK065B13 P-0K065B13 PA-1500-02C1 PA-1650-02C PA-1651-02C PP002D PP003 PP1006 PPP009H PPP009L

Warranty: One Year Manufacturer warranty

Service type: Off Site Warranty - Customer will Need to send the Defected Product to the New Delhi Head Office and the replaced Product will be sent back to customer.

Covered Warranty: Warranty of the Product is Limited to Manufacturing Defect Only.

Not Covered Warraty: Warranty does not cover any external damage caused to the product due to improper usage by customer, or burn out. Battery backup not covered under warranty which is bound to reduce with use.

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